1946-2000: BEGINNINGS

Started in 1999, IML Containers was part of a global expansion from its French-based corporate company, The Lacroix Group, a family-owned packaging company since 1946. 

North America  IML Containers was one of the first companies in North America to manufacture in mold labeled containers – containers where the label is directly injected into the packaging. Located in Quebec, Canada, North America IML Containers is a technology-driven packaging manufacturer serving national consumer packaged goods companies (CPG) with advanced molding and decoration technologies.


IML Containers Iowa began in 2006. It has a 160,500 square-foot facility, employs about 50 people, and produces more than 180 million parts per year to serve the Midwest market.

As IML Containers continued to see an increase in in-mold labeling progress, IML Containers set up:
a printing plant in Saint Eustache, Québec in 2007;
a sales entity in the Chicago area in 2008;
Built in 2012, IML Containers Arizona has a 40,000 square foot plant and employs 40 local workers to serve customers in the West coast.

With the extensive experience in in-mold labeling packaging production and business insights accumulated in Europe, IML Containers thrived in North America and grew into to a 200-employee company within 10 years.


In 2013, a 20,000 square foot addition was built across the street from headquarters in St Placide, Quebec to meet the growing demand.
In 2014, a printing facility began in suburban Chicago.
In 2014, Iml Containers began the South America expansion with an injection plant in Colombie.

IML Containers began to be referred to as a leader in In-Mold Labeling Process and label printing in the food packaging industry. With the capabilities, from R&D, die-cutting, molding, production, to warehousing, IML Containers provides an integrated service solution for CPG markets in the U.S. and Canada. Over the course of the next decade, IML Containers plans to continue its growth in North and South America.